Who is Patricia Blanchet ?

Patricia Blanchet is French a shoe designer who had a brainwave one morning to create unique and exceptionally distinctive women’s shoes. Shoes to make your feet more colourful, feminine and refined, and to make walking a real joy.

Where is Patricia from?

Patricia is 100% Parisian and she makes a point of conveying this in each of her creations; even if her inspiration is the expression of committed multiculturalism. Patricia’s shoes are made in Spain, where there has always been, and will always be, an unrivalled savoir-faire in the manufacture of sophisticated shoes.

What material are Patricia’s shoes made from?

Patricia adores leather, suede and glitter and so that’s what she uses to make her shoes. The inside of her shoes are also made from leather, even the inner sole, which has a shimmery finish. The upper part of the shoes is made from nubuck, leather, glitter, metallic or even dappled nubuck or snakeskin leather. Every shoe is made from the finest-quality materials that will always ensure all eyes are on your newly revamped feet.

How should I look after my Patricia Blanchet shoes?

Take good care of them. These shoes are fit for a princess – they are delicate, and so you should be careful with them to ensure their durability. If you have bought a pair made from nubuck or metallic suede, you must use a waterproof spray before wearing them. It’s important to respray them often. If your shoes are made entirely from leather, we recommend a specialized leather waterproofing cream. This kind of leather polish is the best way to keep your shoes nice and shiny.

How should I look after the soles of my shoes?

The outer soles are also made from leather and have a vintage-style finish. This can sometimes make the soles a little slippy to begin with. You can resolve this by gently rubbing the soles with some sandpaper, or leave it to happen naturally. When the sealant on the outer soles wears off completely, you will be able to see the basic grey leather sole. This is totally normal. Consequently, you should take extra care of the shoes, and have the soles resealed by a professional cobbler when possible. The same goes for the heel, which should be similarly replaced if it gets too worn. The maintenance of the under part of your shoes is the key to making them last.

Are Patricia Blanchet shoes delicate?

Yes, Patricia Blanchet shoes are indeed delicate and should be treated like jewellery. It is most important to look after the leather, suede and glitter but you should also be careful with the sole and the heel, as explained above in the product care guidelines. In any case, do not hesitate to consult your cobbler in the event of heavy wear of the shoe. He will know how to fix the problem, and be able to prolong your shoes’ life.

On the rare occasion that I’m not wearing my Patricia Blanchet shoes, how and where should I store them?

Preferably outside your dressing room or cupboard. Shoes designed by Patricia Blanchet like to be admired, even when you’re not wearing them. If you have to leave them alone all day, why not buy another pair of Patricia’s shoes to keep them company? At worst, position them in front of a good film (preferably by Welles or Kubrick), or turn up the radio, to ensure your shoes are always happily immersed in culture while they wait patiently for their next outing.

The Patricia Blanchet brand doesn’t take itself seriously, so is it actually fashionable?

Yes absolutely, the brand is very fashionable, and represents a cultural approach to the world of shoes. If the Patricia Blanchet brand seems to not take itself seriously it’s because this is the world of fashion, not politics, even if the brand is thoroughly committed to future trends.

Why doesn’t the Patricia Blanchet website show all the colours for each style of shoe?

That’s an excellent question, to which the answer is simple: the website lists every style from the current season, plus several styles that are the perpetual essentials of the collection. It’s here that you will have the largest available choice of Patricia Blanchet shoes in the world. However we do not have the full range of all possible colours. We have tried to offer you a wide choice of colours where possible. If we do not have the colour you are looking for on our website, you can try one of our many stockists. Several of our distributors have colours that we do not or no longer have available on our website.

My Patricia Blanchet boots are snug around the toe. Is this normal?

Yes, our shoes generally come up a little snug as they are made using elegant European wooden shoe forms. In particular, the boots are narrower across the bridge of the foot to ensure your foot is adequately supported. The materials used are supple and will give a little to guarantee maximum comfort. It is therefore essential that your shoe fits perfectly.

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