I have just purchased a pair of Patricia Blanchet shoes. When will I receive them?

First of all, congratulations on your purchase, you should be proud of yourself. If you live in France, you should receive your shoes the day after (if you ordered before 4 p.m. and if Chronopost does its work correctly). You can track your shipping by usind the number sent by e-mail on chronopost.fr.

If you live elsewhere in Europe, please allow for 2 to 3 working days. If you are lucky enough to live even further afield, you should expect your shoes to be delivered between 4 and 7 working days. It depends on the time it takes to pass through international customs. Finally, if you chose to collect your shoes in store, you simply have to get yourself to, 20 rue Beaurepaire, 75010, Paris – the nearest metro stop is République. You will have 2 weeks from the date of purchase to return them for a refund. After this time, you will no longer be entitled to a reimbursement.

Every order placed on Fridays after 4p.m, will be shipped the next Monday.

I have passed an order on Patricia Blanchet's webpage and I have no news regarding my order. How to proceed?

First of all, when passing your order, be sure to double check that the email address and the telephone number you have given us is correct, as this information is automatically sent to Chronopost. If there are any mistakes, we have no possibility to correct this once the information has been sent to Chronopost. If there are errors in either your number or your email address you risk not receiving the tracking number of your parcel as this is sent to your email address automatically whenever you pass an order, nor the progress of your delivery by Chronopost.

To trace the progress of your parcel, head to www.chronopost.fr, where you enter the tracking number given to you by email, and you will have access to all the information regarding the delivery. It might happen that there are delays up to 24 hours due to unforeseen circumstances, all information regarding this will be provided on the webpage of Chronopost.

If your delivery takes unusually long, or if you are for some reason not able to follow the delivery process on the webpage, feel free to contact us either by telephone 09 81 20 99 86 or by email patriciablanchetparis@gmail.com. We will help you to the best of our abilities, and if needed we will send a reclamation to the delivery service.

If a reclamation is necessary towards the delivery service, a bit of patience is needed as the investigations may take a couple of days. You may rest assured that while the process is going on we will be closely monitoring the delivery of your package, and we will do everything we can to find a solution as soon as possible, based on information that Chronopost gives us.

I have got an e-shop gift card from Patricia Blanchet. How do I apply the code to my order?

Simple as a piece of cake. While passing your order, if you go to your cart, an insert provided for this purpose will appear. Then you simply enter your code and click the "OK" button, and your code will immediately be applied to your order. Be careful to respect the capital letters, best way to do it is to do a copy-paste from your email.

I have got an e-shop gift card from Patricia Blanchet. Is this gift card valid in the store as well?

No. The gift cards bought online are electronic codes and they are only valid on internet orders. We do however sell gift cards in the shop as well, if you wish to offer a in-store gift card to a lucky someone. For technical reasons we can not transform an electronic gift card into a physical gift card valid in the store.

I have got an e-shop gift card from Patricia Blanchet. Is it possible to ask for a reimbursement?

A gift is a gift isn't it? The gift card can not be cashed out. This means that when you receive your online order that has been paid with a gift card, in case the pair of shoes does not fit or you wish to return the pair for other reasons, you will not get your money back. However, as soon as we have received your pair and everything is in order, we will accredit your gift card with the amount paid for the shoes.

I have got an e-shop gift card from Patricia Blanchet but my order costs less than the amount on the gift card. What happens to the remaining amount?

Way to go, this way you have a head start on your next Patricia Blanchet shopping spree. All you need to do is to apply the very same code the next time you are passing an order, and the remaining amount will be applied. Isn't life beautiful?

I have got an e-shop gift card from Patricia Blanchet, how long is it valid?

Not to worry, you will have plenty of time to  discover our beautiful collections. The e-shop gift card is valid for 1 year. Happy?

I have received my shoes but they don’t fit. What should I do?

Patricia Blanchet allows you to return any shoes for refund to us within 15 days of receipt. Returns should be sent to Patricia Blanchet, 20 rue Beaurepaire, 75010, Paris - France.

Please ensure that you fill out the return form. Package your parcel securely with the return form inside. You must return your shoes in the original box with all the packaging, and in perfect condition, otherwise no refund will be granted.

We don’t provide a prepaid service for returns, so you may select your own carrier. Please make sure that you obtain proof of postage and keep this until you’ve received your refund. We highly recommend that you insure your package. Any loss is your responsibility.

I want to change my pair. How to proceed?

We do not proceed to exchanges on orders from the e-shop, due to stock availability and management, we uniquely proceed to returns. If you wish to order a different pair, or the same pair but in a different size, you simply have to pass a new order for the pair that you desire. You may wait until you have received your refund and then pass the new order, or if you want to be sure to not miss out on the pair you desire, you can pass your new order right away.

How do the e-credit note work?

The e-credit note is a wonderful alternative to a refund or an exchange, as it will allow you to take advantage of it whenever you wish within a whole year. You can take your time!

It is very simple to use: check the box "credit note" on your return voucher, fill out the form with the e-mail address to which you want to receive your credit note code.

Once the code is generated, you won’t be able to ask for a reimbursement.

If I request a refund, when will I be reimbursed?

As soon as we receive the item(s) that you have returned to us, providing it is not damaged, we will process your refund request within 48 hours. After this, there may be a delay whilst your bank processes the refund. Refunds will be made using your original payment method and will be visible on your card statement within 48 hours (or more depending on your bank)

Please note that when you pay your order with a gift card code, it is automatically credited to the amount of the original order and it cannot be refunded.

How will I receive my refund in case of a return?

You will be paid back through the same payment method that you used to pay for your order. If you paid using a credit or a debit card, you will receive the refund on your account. Note that the transaction will not be marked as "Patricia Blanchet", but it will be in the name of our online payment platform, "Hipay".

If you paid for your order using a Paypal account, the refund will be credited to your Paypal account. If you used a gift card to pay for your order, the gift card will be credited with the same amount that you spent, and you can use that very same gift card for your next order.

Who is Patricia Blanchet ?

Patricia Blanchet is a French shoe designer who had a brainwave one morning to create unique and exceptionally distinctive women’s shoes. Shoes to make your feet more colourful, feminine and refined, and to make walking a real joy.

Where is Patricia from?

Patricia is 100% Parisian and she makes a point of conveying this in each of her creations; even if her inspiration is the expression of committed multiculturalism. Patricia’s shoes are made by hand in Spain, where there has always been, and will always be, an unrivalled savoir-faire in the manufacture of sophisticated shoes.

What material are Patricia’s shoes made from?

Patricia adores leather, suede and glitter and so that’s what she uses to make her shoes. The inside of her shoes are also made from leather, even the inner sole, which has a shimmery finish. The upper part of the shoes is made from nubuck, leather, glitter, metallic or even dappled nubuck or snakeskin leather. Every shoe is made from the finest-quality materials that will always ensure all eyes are on your newly revamped feet.

How should I look after my Patricia Blanchet shoes?

Take good care of them. These shoes are fit for a princess – they are delicate, and so you should be careful with them to ensure their durability. If you have bought a pair made from nubuck or metallic suede, you must use a waterproof spray before wearing them. It’s important to respray them often. If your shoes are made entirely from leather, we recommend a specialized leather waterproofing cream. This kind of leather polish is the best way to keep your shoes nice and shiny.

How should I look after the soles of my shoes?

The outer soles are also made from leather and have a vintage-style finish. This can sometimes make the soles a little slippy to begin with. You can resolve this by gently rubbing the soles with some sandpaper, or leave it to happen naturally. When the sealant on the outer soles wears off completely, you will be able to see the basic grey leather sole. This is totally normal. Consequently, you should take extra care of the shoes, and have the soles resealed by a professional cobbler when possible. The same goes for the heel, which should be similarly replaced if it gets too worn. The maintenance of the under part of your shoes is the key to making them last.

Are Patricia Blanchet shoes delicate?

Yes, Patricia Blanchet shoes are indeed delicate and should be treated like jewellery. It is most important to look after the leather, suede and glitter but you should also be careful with the sole and the heel, as explained above in the product care guidelines. In any case, do not hesitate to consult your cobbler in the event of heavy wear of the shoe. He will know how to fix the problem, and be able to prolong your shoes’ life.

Why doesn’t the Patricia Blanchet website show all the colours for each style of shoe?

That’s an excellent question, to which the answer is simple: the website lists every style from the current season, plus several styles that are the perpetual essentials of the collection. It’s here that you will have the largest available choice of Patricia Blanchet shoes in the world. However we do not have the full range of all possible colours. We have tried to offer you a wide choice of colours where possible. If we do not have the colour you are looking for on our website, you can try one of our many stockists. Several of our distributors have colours that we do not or no longer have available on our website.

My Patricia Blanchet boots are snug around the toe. Is this normal?

Yes, our shoes generally come up a little snug as they are made using elegant European wooden shoe forms. In particular, the boots are narrower across the bridge of the foot to ensure your foot is adequately supported. The materials used are supple and will give a little to guarantee maximum comfort. It is therefore essential that your shoe fits perfectly.

On the rare occasion that I’m not wearing my Patricia Blanchet shoes, how and where should I store them?

Preferably outside your dressing room or cupboard. Shoes designed by Patricia Blanchet like to be admired, even when you’re not wearing them. If you have to leave them alone all day, why not buy another pair of Patricia’s shoes to keep them company? At worst, position them in front of a good film (preferably by Welles or Kubrick), or turn up the radio, to ensure your shoes are always happily immersed in culture while they wait patiently for their next outing.

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